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Importing a vehicle into Canada

BorderBuddy handles the importation of all sorts of vehicles – cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, motorhomes, travel trailers, motorcycles, scooters, jet ski’s, sea doo’s, boats and more!

To get started – the fastest way to get a quote for your vehicle is to visit where you can input your information and get an immediate quote emailed to you.

The vehicle importation process is made simple when you use BorderBuddy.

Customs requires the following documents –
1) Bill of Sale
2) ​Original certificate of title or manufacturer’s certificate of origin (front and back)
3) Recall clearance letter

We can also arrange for the transportation of your vehicle from the seller to your door.

If you are unable to visit to get an immediate quote – you can email us the following information for us to quote you –
a) Year, Make, Model of Vehicle.
b) Value (Exact or approximate) of the Vehicle in USD or CAD dollars.
c) Whether the vehicle has air conditioning or not.
From there, we can email you over a quote with all charges and fees included.

For a quick idea on what you will pay on your vehicle:
For vehicles into Canada:
Duty will be 6.1% if the vehicle is not made in Canada, U.S. or Mexico.
If it is made in Canada, U.S. or Mexico – it will be Duty free.
Tax will be 5% GST at the border. You will pay your local PST upon registration of the vehicle.

Excise tax on Air conditioning $100.00
If vehicle is on the list for Green levy, anywhere from $1000.00 to $4100.00 in excise tax. depending on the vehicle.



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